Cloth Nappy Review – One Size Fits Most Collection, 3-14 months.

My son started to fit our OSFM nappy collection around 2 months old and was no longer in any of his newborn sized cloth nappies at 3 months. I have quite a few different brands as it is hard to know what will fit well and that I would enjoy using. But here are my thoughts after 12 months of cloth nappying.

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Newborn Cloth Nappy Review

Since we brought our son home, he has been in cloth nappies (diapers). I had 25 nappies that were specifically sized for a newborn as my ‘one size’ collection wouldn’t start fitting until he reaches at least 4kgs.

*I will note that I paid full price for these nappies from Darlings Downunder and have not received any endorsements or incentives from the companies involved*

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Sewingbutterfly at the Opera!

I had the recent pleasure of attending a Saturday night performance of Georges Bizet’s Carmen at the Sydney Opera House. Opera Australia will be performing Carmen from 16th June and 12 August 2016. We left home early and took a 4 hour bus ride from our hometown to Sydney. Once in Sydney we settled into our hotel room and then wandered the city, grabbed some lunch and an early dinner, then head back to get ready…


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