Almost 2 years of parenting: The hardest part, the regrets and the things I don’t. Returning to work and the quest for balance.

2018 has been….. hard. We’ll get to that bit later. Let’s get the regrets out of the way first!

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Cross-stitching Update: 2018 WIPS and Plans

Welcome to 2018! Even though January has sped by, I am only just catching up on blogging now. I returned to work after my Maternity Leave finished and that has been an adjustment! I have still been stitching a little bit though. Here is what I have been working on.

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WIP Round Up: Taking stock of my WIPs and stitching plans for the next little while

Since having my son 6 months ago (time is going very fast), I haven’t found too much time for stitching but I am finding a bit of time now he is getting older. I went through my WIP pile and decided what I was going to do with each of them and what my stitching plans would be.

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Newborn Cloth Nappy Review

Since we brought our son home, he has been in cloth nappies (diapers). I had 25 nappies that were specifically sized for a newborn as my ‘one size’ collection wouldn’t start fitting until he reaches at least 4kgs.

*I will note that I paid full price for these nappies from Darlings Downunder and have not received any endorsements or incentives from the companies involved*

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